WIAW 28 Veggie Special

Weekends with few plans often means I get change to visit the market. I love the market and all the bargains you can get with food with is often tastier than shop bought. This week I bought a massive bag of tomatoes, pears, and peppers and my granddad gave me some courgettes. So obviously a lot of my meals have become nice and colourful...expect breakfast.
I started with my normal of banana and peanut butter on toast.
That kept me going all the ay til lunchtime where I had leftovers from the night before. I had roasted a load of vegetables including peppers, tomatoes, courgette and carrots. I teamed it with some cous cous, spinach and tasty ham.
For an afternoon snack, I had an apple and some dried fruit and nut mix.
I enjoyed my lunch so much, I wanted more veggies, this time I gently fried them with some onions and added some baked beans with a little BBQ sauce. I had that with a veggie sausage and some more spinach. It was super tasty and love the fact I made extra for lunch tomorrow!
I had a sneaky evening snack of a couple of the best chocolate truffles from Marks and Spencer. Yummy! I always forget to take a photo of any evening snacks as I feel the day has already ended but I am sure you can imagine my tasty chocolate treat!


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