WIAW 29 Sweet and Sour

The weeks seem to come round faster and faster. This week I had the very same breakfast as always, with peanut butter, banana on a bagel. I am currently using the Tesco value peanut butter, but realised they have changed their recipe! The top of the tub comes out very runny and oily and the bottom very thick. I realise there is normally natural separation, but I couldn't stir it in. When I looked at the ingredients, I also noticed they now add sugar. Bad Tesco!

Lunch was quite a lot later and was a really tasty salad with lettuce, cucumber, celery, roasted peppers, radishes and goats cheese.
I had a snack of an orange and a cheeky home-made chocolate cookie in the afternoon.

Dinner was turkey sweet and sour with a homemade sauce. It is quite simple using tomato ketchup, sugar, malt vinegar and pineapple in their juices. Super easy and tasty using cupboard ingredients. I normally have chicken, but had some turkey in the freezer and was surprised that I preferred it in this dish.
I snacked on some of the leftover pineapple in the evening. Yum.

Thanks to peas and crayons for hosting.


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