WIAW Cake edition

This week has been a pretty busy one. Having to pop into work at the weekend to prepare for the week ahead and having clients turn up with little notice and expecting work done before the deadline has left little time for thinking about food.
I started off my day a little differently than normal with a mix of bran flakes, honey nut shredded what and maple pecan mix with a banana. If I decide to have cereal, I am so indecisive, I need to try a bit of everything. It was quite sugary, but for the busy day I was expecting, it was the only thing I actually fancied.
 I had managed to make myself a quick salad for lunch consisting of everything I had in the fridge. It did look pretty and layered in the pot, but tipped it out for the photo and ended up looking a bit rubbish. The bottom layer was salsa, then celery, cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, artichokes, ham and cheese. It was delicious even when it was mixed up and messy.
 As it was someone's birthday at work, we indulged in a luxury chocolate cake from Marks and Spencer. (Note this shared between only seven of us!)
Despite being full of cake, I felt like I needed an apple to be a little bit healthier.
Dinner was quick as I was late home from work and could not be bothered with spending a long time cooking. I had a homemade fishcake leftover from a previous meal so heated that up in the oven and served with a range of delicious veggies.

I did have an evening snack, but forgot to take a photo. I made a banana, pineapple and strawberry smoothie which was delicious and sweet.
Thanks to peas and crayons for hosting.


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