August Eats

So it's the end of August and what seems to be the end of summer. I always feel like summer speeds pass so quickly, but this year I never even got my sandals out. One good thing about August ending, is having two weeks off, and of course, my birthday. With birthdays I always find they are stretched out while celebrating with different groups of friends and family making September a month I am looking forward to. 
I thought I would share with you some tasty meals that have yet to feature on the blog and what I enjoyed throughout the previous month.
Firstly was a breakfast at my parents. I had some mini shredded wheat with blueberries. strawberries, raspberries and cherry yogurt. I love visiting home, as my parents always have a stocked fridge with foods I can't always afford so becomes a nice treat.
This was another meal whilst at home...Tasty salmon. I baked it in the oven with some fried off leeks and cream cheese. May look a bit messy but tasty very good!
This was a lunch out I had with my grandparents who took me to The Nutmeg Tree in Tunbridge Wells. This is something I wouldn't normally order, but after seeing someone else order it, I couldn't resist. It was a fishermans platter with poached salmon, smoked salmon, tuna and prawns with a side salad and a warm brown baguette. 
This was a bit of a surprise meal for me. My parents were visited and decided to go for dinner whilst in Greenwich, however with my parents being fussy eaters, we went to Frankie and Benny's. Not my favourite, but was happy to please them. I order the BBQ chicken pitta with a side salad instead of chips and was thoroughly impressed! The sweetcorn looked like it had been hanging around a little while with the pitta itself was tasty with a large amount of chicken breast which filled me up!
This was a last minute 'I need something to eat quick' meal and came up with this veggie tomato pasta served with frozen green beans.
Another of my favourite meals from the month was my homemade smoked trout omelette. I had a little left in the freezer and was unsure what to do with it. I chopped up courgettes and onions, poured over the egg mixture and topped with the trout before popping under the grill. Delicious. 
I found a new curry sauce in the aisles of Asda and as it was on an introductory offer, I couldn't resist trying it. It came in a pouch and tasted much fresher than other jarred varieties. Sadly I forgot to note down the brand name, but hope I can find it again!

And finally was a meal cooked for me by my boyfriends sister. Her and her husband invited us over for a nice lebanese dinner of chicken with some aromatic spices created using a recipe from the Ottolenghi book.
What are some of your favourite dishes from the month?


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