Innocent Veg Pot Mexican Chipotle Chilli review

I found a voucher for a free innocent veg pot and was excited to try one. I find them quite expensive normally so have never actually tried them before. They have a nice range to choose from, though most seem to contain a little spice. There was Mexican Chipotle Chicken, Thai Coconut Curry, Caribbean Jerk, Lentil Sambar, Indian Madras and a limited edition Pearl Barley and veg. I chose the mexican chipotle chilli as it looked full of beans and I had a craving for them.

Innocent pride themselves in making food that is good for you, with no artificial ingredients, only nutritious healthy foods. There was only 285 calories in the pot, contains 2 of your 5 a day and is low in fat.

 What I really like about this product was that even though it took less than five minutes in the microwave, it doesn't taste like you are having a ready meal. It is encouraging to see the vegetables and fresh ingredients in the pot and is a great option for lunch on the go or a small quick dinner.

I really enjoyed the smokey chipotle flavour and the different types of beans in this dish, but I would say that it was spicier than I was expecting. I noticed that the Thai curry pot had a 'I'm hot' warning on it, while this one didn't so wasn't expecting a strong spice flavour. However, I added some natural yogurt which helped cool the palette and I continued to enjoy my meal.
I think this would be perfect to share as a jacket potato filling if you wanted to stretch out the cost to more meals. From tasting this veg pot and seeing the other flavours that are available, I will be suer to try the other options soon!


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