WIAW 35 Post Party Food

This weekend consisted of a formal goodbye to my boyfriend's sister and brother-in-law as they headed off for an adventure in New Zealand and I had to share some photos of the very British party they hosted. Bunting and flags decorated the garden while tables were covered in beautiful flowers and teacups.

Now onto what I ate on Tuesday. It started off in the same way as normal, peanut butter and banana on bagels.

Lunch were leftovers from the bank holiday, and were a variety of rolls with ham cheese and pickle. These are some of my favourite rolls which my mum got from Waitrose and are super soft and really tasty. Unfortunately they are a little pricey for me to get every day but they are nice as a treat!

I had an afternoon snack of a large fruit pot..reduced from Tesco and contained mango, pineapple, grapes and kiwi. I love this combination and can't resist them when they are reduced.
I also had a snack of some Sunbites sweet chilli crisps. They are a mulitgrain snack which don't taste the same as normal crisps and I think would actually be quite nice used as a dip./
Dinner was a courgette risotto which was perfect comfort food in the wet weather. I chucked in a few frozen prawns and leeks in the mix and put in both cubed and grated courgette. I served it with broccoli and green beans and had enough leftover for lunch.

Dessert was a cheap one, as the fruit to make the crumble was foraged back in the countryside at my parents. My dad and I spent an evening walking around the back roads searching for blackberries, and was luckily enough to find lots of apples and plums as well!
Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting.


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