WIAW - My new discovery

I love reading people's comments and suggestions on my posts. It gives me new ideas and links me to their websites for inspiration. Someone suggested I should try rice crackers with peanut butter and banana, and although I have yet to give up my bagels for this, I did try them with nutella and savory toppings. They are quite bland in flavour themselves, but it means you can top them with all kinds of delicious food for a healthy low fat snack!
But back to what I ate on Monday:
The usual.
With a colleague returning from a holiday in France, comes a selection of buttery treats. These were delicious, but left an overwhelming greasy texture on my fingers.
Lunch was trying out my new lightly salted rice cracker purchase. I topped them with roasted red pepper homous from Asda (currently 50p) and some home grown tomatoes. It was really tasty, but did find that I was still quite hungry after.
Luckily I had some grapes to snack on as well as a Pink Lady apple.
Dinner was an Innocent Thai Coconut Curry pot. These are suggested for lunches, so I bulked them up with chicken and extra vegetables. It was the first time I had tried this one, and it was my favourite! It wasn't too spicy, had the right amount of sauce and the perfect mix of soft and crunchy texture.
 I added cooked chicken and extra spinach into the pot, then combined it with a sweetcorn and broccoli on the side. Delicious.
I finished off my day of food with a naughty Mars ice cream. I feel like most of the day was healthy so it was a good balance? Well I do like my evening snack!
What did you have today? Have you made any discoveries recently?


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