Beigel Bakey Brick Lane review

I love bagels, and I admit to making a special trip to Brick Lane only to go to the Beigel Bakery. I had heard rave reviews about the joint which is open 24 hours a day so needed to find out what the fuss was about.
Nestled among other bagel shops, you must make sure you have the right one..normally the busy one! It's not the most attractive setting, but they run a tight ship making the bagels fresh on site and serving customers at lightning speed.
As well as fresh bagels which a variety of fillings, they also have a large range of pastries and cakes. We tried the cheesecake which was rich and smooth but a little too sweet for my liking but at 70p you can't go wrong.

But back to what they do best. The bagels. I had the really tasty cream cheese and salmon (priced at a mere £1.70).
But the star of the show was the salt beef bagel which was my boyfriend's option. With the beef cut at the window, you are served large portions of meat with optional mustard. It may be difficult to eat due to the size, but it is something I would order when I go back.
Great value for money, and with the option of buying the plain bagels to take home, I grabbed 4 for future breakfasts. Definitely a place to visit if you are in the area.


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