Burger & Lobster restaurant review

My birthday celebrations have really stretched out this year, and the finale was being treated to an amazing meal at Burger & Lobster in Fitzrovia. Just down the road from work, we ventured there for lunch after a few colleagues had been to their soft launch. 

I started with an orange soda, which at first I thought was a little too sweet, but after a few sips, I couldn't stop drinking it.

If you haven't heard of Burger & Lobster, you won't be aware of their simple menu. Burger, Lobster or lobster burger each priced at £20. Everyone at work opted for the same thing...the lobster roll and thought it was a great choice.

It comes in an amazing toasted brioche roll, with skinny chips, salad and a delicious butter sauce to pour over the lobster or to dip your chips in. It roll is filled with lumps of soft moist lobster, and although a little tricky to eat elegantly, it's very worth it.

The service was efficient and friendly and one member of staff even showed us the different lobsters and allowing a colleague to give it a stroke! If you are in the mood for lobster, this is a great place to go. I am not convinced myself as to why people would come and pay £20 for a burger when there is this option, but the lobster is worth every penny.


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