Welcome Italia 2014

Welcome Italia was one of London's finest Italian Food and Drink Festival held in the Royal Horticultural Halls near Westminster. Fifty companies exhibited some of their best and most impressive products allowing tasters and great for future investors.
I got to try many different flavours from Italy including cheese, cakes and chocolate.
These were delicious pastries, some filled with creme patisserie, some with a better than nutella chocolate hazlenut filling.
Urbani Truffles showcased some amazing products, including one of my favourite, pesto truffle which I thought would be perfect for bruschetta.

A familiar face was the Olive Oil Mill who currently sell their produce at London Borough Market - one of my favourite haunts. I particularly enjoy their balsamic glazes which are perfect served with meat or even cheese.

Another truffle favourite was a well presented stall from Ad Hoc Il Tartufo who produce an amazing 'White Truffle Souce'.

A stall full of many sweet treats bombarded us with amazing tasting products, from an unusual carob pannetone (yum) to pistachio chocolates. Although Nuova Dolceria don't currently sell in the UK, check out their website.

Ferrari Farm had a lovely range of jams, smoothies and sauces which vary in consistency due to having the most natural ingredients possible. Alongside 'traditional' cultivation methods, they also have developed a hydroponic plant allowing absolute sterility and respect for the plants.

Tamia proudly presented their award-winning olive oils with a beautiful display and interesting ways to show off their product, including small cups of bruschetta and soups.

Now we come to one of my favourite products..gluten free Italian cakes and biscuits from Gzer. The cherry tart and lemon cake was so flavourful, you wouldn't know that any of the cakes were suitable for celiacs. I was surprised to hear that this company have yet to find a place to sell their products in the UK as I feel there is demand for gluten-free products at the moment, and I feel a range of good cakes could do really well.

Another company which took my interest was marvellous-sicily, mainly for just one of their products I tried...pistachio butter. This product was a little off-putting being a strange green colour, but the flavour was strangely similar to Nutella...but better.

Alongside the exhibitors, there was also a kitchen set up with cooking demos. We saw the making of a few pasta dishes as well as some other classics.
Although only in it's second year, this show seemed well established with a nice range of different companies displaying their products. Everyone felt very passionate about food and wine making the atmosphere very friendly and welcoming. I wouldn't hesitiate to visit again, and will be looking out for some of the products I tried in store.


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