WIAW 36 Off work and being forgetful.

It seems a long time coming, but I finally have my two weeks off work. I am enjoying the time and relaxing, but that means my normal schedule of taking photos of my meals has also gone. Sorry in advance. 
So to stay away from my work breakfast favourite, I had shredded wheat with bananas, yogurt and honey.
 I had a snack on sunbites, which are nice and light, but is good before lunch.
 Lunch was a salad, which I managed to get for just 5p and stayed nice and crisp for a couple of days. I had it with a pitta and some cooked turkey (slap my hand for the lack of photos here)

Afternoon snack was a nectarine, which I also managed to get from Morrisons for just 55p for a tub of 5.
A day at home meant I had time to indulge in some cooking so I made a pie. I had leeks and bacon to use up so was the perfect filling for my homemade shortcrust pastry. It came out really well, and although it wasn't the prettiest pie it tasted pretty good for a made up recipe. Once again though, I lack in pictures for this lengthy cooking result.
But I did make dessert which I remembered to take a photo of. To use up the last of the hand picked apples, I made an apple strudel cake, which cake sponge base, a layer of apples and topped which a lumpier version of crumble. Delicious! I will be posting the recipe soon, so keep your eye out!
What do you do with a day off work?


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