WIAW 37 Indian Treats

A week into my time off work and I am enjoying going against my normal routine. I can eat at whatever time I like and enjoy 'treat' foods. This week, I went against peanut butter every day having a lighter breakfast (even though it meant I have to have lunch or snacks earlier).
Today I had bran with bananas and strawberries with some strawberry yogurt.

Lunch came earlier than normal in the form of an egg mayo and salad baguette from a little local bakery. 
I had a snack of pineapple that I had pre-cut. We found it at Canterbury in a deal of 3 pineapples for a pound that I could't resist, even if it did meal carrying them around town for a few hours.
Dinner was a meal out with a couple of friends based on a recommendation. One of my friends have just got engaged while another is soon moving back to Ireland so we celebrated with an Indian at Tumeric Gold in Tudely. The food was really tasty and staff really friendly and am already looking forward to having another reason to visit.

 We ordered a selection of different dishes which we then shared (standard practice for us). We had sides of poppodoms, naan and plain rice to go with chicken tikka biriyani, Chicken korma and Chicken Rogan. It was very filling but I think we ordered perfectly!
What are your normal orders when going to an Indian?

Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting.


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