WIAW 38. Birthday Treats and Sugar overload

This week it was my birthday and for once I wasn't daunted by the idea of getting older. I enjoy the celebrations, and with different groups of friends, work and family, it has stretched out quite well this year. As with any birthday, you can't go through the day without having an overdose of sugar and sweet treats, but I do feel like I need to detox now!
I started my day with a bagel from Beigel bakery in Brick Lane, which was one of the best bagels I have tried...a review to follow shortly. It was topped with the usual peanut butter and banana.
I didn't make my lunch for the first time, seeing as it would be the only time I could justify buying my lunch...but in fact I just used a voucher. I spent ages deciding, but ended up opting for a smoked salmon and egg mayo baguette from M&S. I got it free with a voucher, but I thought it was priced at a reasonable £2.25!
Birthday spent at work require some kind of cake, and this year the definition of cake was stretched a little...much to my pleasure. With eight people present in the office, we split two cheesecakes from M&S, one berry topped and the other was a classic vanilla.
Dinner was a nice meal out with my boyfriend. We were going to head to Jamie Olivers, but I didn't feel hungry enough for trying the new food and the salads felt like a cop out so went with a 2 for 1 voucher I had for Zizzi. I opted for the chicken in white wine sauce as this was a lighter option on the menu.
We shared two deserts (caus how could you not on your birthday) and tried the hot chocolate puddle and the amoretti chocolate mousse. Both of which were delicious, but I would choose the sweeter puddle over the mousse in future!
This was all washed down with a delicious wine, beautifully picked by the Mr. A whole bottle felt a bit much, but it was a celebration right?
Have you had a birthday recently?
Do you have to detox to recover?

Thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting.
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