WIAW 39 Feeling Autumnal

So. It's officially autumn and with it come the cooler weather and the craving for warmer food. As much as I feel the cold, I love the way nature changes colour and enjoy a good snuggle under a blanket. Here is what I ate on the first day of Autumn.
I changed my usual breakfast for a mix of bran flakes and shredded wheat with banana and grapes and some warmed up soya milk.

Lunch was something lovely and warming....a Covent garden soup. I sometimes find this a little to salty and not as flavoursome as I could make, but this one was really good. It reminded me of carrot and coriander soup which is one of my favourites. I had it with a couple of home made rolls.

I snacked on a pink lady apple. My favourite.

Dinner was a from a curry recipe found in an old delicious magazine. A prawn curry which I added lots of veggies to. A recipe review to follow...but I can tell you, it was easy and tasty. I served it with rice and naan breads.

And finally I snuggled on the sofa with a chocolate mug cup recipe. It looked a bit rubbish but it was amazing..find the recipe here to try it yourself.
Thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting.
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