Wiaw 40... It's October already?

I can't believe it's October already! The nights are drawing in but the warm weather is confusing me and I seem to be constantly carrying around my coat. 
This week I ran out of bananas, which is out of character for me, but luckily I had some tasty pears in the fridge that were perfectly ripe. I didn't feel like they would go with peanut butter as much so put it with a vanilla muller light and some almond cereal.

Reecently, Vita Coca were handing out free bottles of their coconut water near work, so I enjoyed sipping on this throughout the day which kept me really well hydrated.
 I had the last pear for a snack as well. It was so juicy, that I had to end up eating it over the sink as I was making a complete mess.
Lunch was leftover tuna sweetcorn pasta with lots of side salad. It was basic, but filled a gap.
 It seems like I was having a bit of an Italian theme to the day as I made myself a quick cheats pizza when I got home. I took a garlic and herb tortilla and topped with tomato paste, garlic, vegetables and a little cheese.
I still craved my evening snack, but wanted something a little lighter, so opted for some popcorn. I tried some of the cheese and chive popcorn from Aldi and it was delicious! A perfect late night snack that wasn't too heavy just before bed, but I was sure to decant into a bowl otherwise I knew I wouldn't be able to stop!
Can you get carried away with evening snacks? What do you do to control it?

Thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting.
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