Four to Eight Italian Restaurant Review

Four to Eight is a newly opened Italian restaurant found in the bustling location of Covent Garden.The stylish building hosts a wine cellar in the centre of the building, showcasing the many different drinks they have on offer. The glass walls to the outside world allow lots of light to flood in while diners are able to watch the world go by.
A modern bar can be found on the other side of the restuarant and downstairs is more seating with an open kitchen- the sign of confident chefs. The extra seating is a nice surprise and allows a cosier perhaps more romantic setting to dine. 
The friendly and welcoming staff are happy to help with any questions, and despite only having been opened for a few days when I visited, had a great knowledge of the food they were serving. 
The menu is still a work in progress but covers a range of different options, from sides and small plates, to main, salads and pastas. We ordered some bread to start off the meal, which came with crusty bread as well as a delicious foccacia, all served with some oil and balsamic.

Our first dish was the beef brisket, served on a bed of polenta with kale. The meat was juicy and fell apart and was complemented well with the polenta.
We also tried the scallop and crayfish linguine served with a tomato passata. The scallops cut through like butter and were some of the best I have tried and worked really well with the simple yet delicious tomato sauce covering the pasta.

We finished the meal with a couple of deserts which came looking more like pieces of art than something edible. First up was poached peach with almond milk, stone crumble and vanilla ice cream. The flavour of the fruit was delicious and sweet and the almond milk came in the form of almost a jellied ring underneath. Delicious!

We also devoured my personal favourite, the Chocolate Aero Biscuit, with a chocolate mousse and lemon and basil gel. The gel with this really made the whole dish and lightened up the rich chocolate.

The chef did a brilliant job, and having previously worked in a Michelin starred restaurant, it really shows in the food. The sophisticated simple Italian food will keep me coming back for more!


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