Look What We Found Pea Apple & Mint Soup Review

This is a brand that I frequently see in Waitrose and boasts of meals made from 100% natural ingredients which are locally sourced. Normally priced around £1.50-£2.00, when I saw this soup in Aldi reduced to 40p, I thought I would give it a try. The combination sounded quite refreshing and the ingredients were all familiar to me...a sign of a soup that was better for me.
I will admit that the colour was a little off-putting, but that was to be expected with the formation of the soup. The one problem I had was fitting the soup in the microwave. I had this at work, and they have a smaller appliance which meant the top of the packet had to be folded to fit in and I was a little worried it was going to tip over as it was rotating. But my luck was it and the soup came out perfect.

I will say that the flavour combination was something I was unfamiliar with, being slightly sweeter than normal. It didn't feel like a wintery cosy snuggle up in fluffy socks kind of soup, but something that was more suited to a slightly warmer day. With the addition of mint, the soup was almost refreshing and really good for avoiding the mid day slump. It wasn't calorific so would advise a bit a bulking out with other food if having it for tea, but it was perfect to pop in my bag for a work day lunch.


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