October Favourites

I tried a few new things in October and thought I would share some of my favourites. 
One of my favourites is a new dessert from tesco. It was their chocolate orange melting in the middle cake from their finest range. It was super indulgent and very rich making it a little hard to finish.. But something you would definitely not want to share.

We also went to Byron burger to celebrate a colleagues birthday at work. Always favouring chicken I chose their only chicken burger but added bacon and bbq sauce which was a perfect choice. It was a great sauce and jazzed up something which would normally be a little bland.

I have been loving smoothies at the weekend and my favourer at the moment is pineapple banana and spinach.

I discovered some reduced snacks in waitrose and fell in love with these edamame beans. I had some whilst driven and are easy and not messy to eat on the go.

Butternut quash. What else can I say? Put it in a risotto, bake it, team it with salads and you can never go wrong. 

What have you been loving this month? 


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