Tesco Fish in a Flash Sweet Chilli Salmon

Tesco Orchard gave me some vouchers for money off fish and being a lover of fish, I couldn't wait to try something new. Scouring the fish aisle, I found it hard to make a decision from all the lovely looking options, from juicy prawns to succulent cod. I went with one of their 'Fish in a Flash' ranges, the Salmon with sweet chilli sauce. I chose this for it's simplicity and ease, with just popping it in the oven and warming up the sauce.
The fillets were really juicy and plump, and came out the oven moist and flaking, the perfect way to eat salmon. The only problem was the two fillets were difficult to separate, so flaked easily as you can see below. I found it strange to warm the sauce up for a minute in boiling water, but it did the job and made it easy to pour over the fish.
 I opted to served it with noodles and stir-fried veg to continue with the oriental theme. From start to finish, the dish took me 20 minutes which makes it the perfect mid-week meal.


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