WIAW 42 Minimal Effort Needed

This week was one of those weeks where I have had a cold and avoiding the brisk air outside my comfy feather duvet was the aim of the morning. This meant throughout the day, I wanted something quick and easy to eat with minimal effort.
My morning started with banana and peanut butter on a bagel followed later in the morning by some dried mango. This was my first time trying these and wasn't really keen. They felt heavily sweetened masking the tasty flavour that should be the fruit.
Lunch was something quick from the freezer and using up some leftover salad. This was a tasty salmon and courgette fishcake which I heated up quickly in the microwave and served it with cucumber, tomatoes and spinach.

I had an afternoon snack of a go ahead bar which I rarely eat but keep a stash of for emergency food. It claims to have a portion of fruit in, but it tasted quite sweet as well so not necessarily healthy.
Dinner was so amazing and it was all thanks to my mum. When I went home last, she handed me some mini quiches she had made for me and they have stayed in my freezer waiting for the perfect moment. These are classic quiche lorraines, but made with chunks of gammon making them lovely and smokey. I served it with roasted courgettes and tomatoes, broccoli and spinach.
After feeling a little stuffy, it was good that I had plently of veg as well as some comfort food. It is times like this where I love my freezer!

Thanks as always to peas and crayons for hosting.
Peas and Crayons


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