WIAW 44 Bulk Buying Peanut Butter

I have started to stop photographing my breakfast since it is always the same...peanut butter and banana on toast. But once I realised just how much peanut butter I eat, I finally bought a kg pot of it! I had never tried the Meridian brand of peanut butter, but since all the own brand supermarket versions have started to add salt, it was great to have a natural version. With healthier ingredients, the colour is slightly different but the taste is so much more natural!
As usual, it kept me full until lunch, where I had a ham and spinach in a soft seeded waitrose (reduced) roll. I also had an orange for a snack.
It is a colleagues birthday this week and as a treat to us (and herself) she bought in a large selection of pastries from M&S, including one of my favourite, the apple turnover. It was super large and this was half of it, but it was sweet and delicious! 
Dinner was an invention to use up my leftovers. At the weekend we picked up some reduced salsa and needed a way to use it up without going for the same dipping idea. I cooked some pasta and peppers and stirred it through. It works really well as a pasta sauce and as the one we picked up was spicy, I added a fair amount of cheese to cool it down a bit. I served it with broccoli and spinach and also had some leftover for the freezer. Bonus!
 For an evening snack I indulged in my favourite Christmas savoury snack...Cheeselets, or 'treeslets'. They are currently on offer in Sainsburys for 2 for £3 which I think is a bargain, so of course treated myself to two pots. They won't last long! 
What are your favourite Christmas snacks?


  1. Leftovers to the rescue. Looks like you put them to good use :)


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