Bunnychow Review Soho

Ever since a branch of Bunnychow opened in Soho, I have been eager to try it out. The allure of warm stew served in a loaf of bread is my idea of heaven in the wintery weather. Those who fear it is all about poor bunnies need not worry as the name seems unrelated to the food. The fillings of the bread range from Boston Beans to Pulled Pork and all come at a reasonable price.

As well as loaves of bread, they also have smaller flatbreads which are served either cold or toasted and are perhaps more suitable for a lunch or lighter dinner.
After seeing the great range of flavours that were on offer, we had trouble deciding which to go for. Luckily they were able to offer us some samples to aid our decision meaning I managed to try four different flavours.
The Boston Baked beans were hearty and warming but was a little spicy for a lightweight like me while the Bangcluck Bunny (Chicken, squash and beansprouts served in a Thai sauce) was nicely aromatic.
My friend decided to go for the Bunny Dog with sausages, onion gravy, blue cheese and mustard. Although not the most attractive, this was really tasty and seemed like the most traditional English flavour choice.

I opted for the fishy option of Bunny Chow'der which consisted of Haddock, Spring Onions, Quail Egg in a chowder sauce. There were large chunks of the fish in the smokey sauce which was great as it soaked into the bread.
After the loaves, we were offered to try some popcorn, one spicy and one herby. Although they were nice, it is something I thought didn't go with the rest of the food they offered and not something I would order again in future.

The only thing I would say for those hungry beings after some tasty dinner, is that they don't fill you up massively. It would be quite a large lunch, but for dinner you may need something sweet to feel satisfied. Saying that, they are good value at around £6.50 for a bunny and the wholesome flavours mean it is a great choice for what can be considered as fast food.


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