WIAW 46 Roast Dinner Leftovers

As with most morning, I had peanut butter and banana on bagels to fill my rumbling tummy
For a mid-morning snack I found a Hartley's mango jelly which claims one of your five a day...not my normal snack but it was reduced to 20p!

After a weekend of indulging in cheese, we had plenty left over in the fridge to use up and with Christmas coming up, I opted for ham, brie and cranberry sauce in a Warburtons thin. It was so yummy and made me look forward to the festive season even more!
I had an afternoon snack of an apple as well as a liberte lemon flavoured yogurt (my favourite flavour so far) teamed with some blueberries.
 Dinner was also another great way to use up leftovers from the weekend. I visited my boyfriend's family where we had a lovely roast dinner and left with quite a few leftovers. I fried up the leftover veggies and chicken in a pan and added an egg and garlic and served it with kale. It was super tasty second time round and even though it is practically the same thing as I ate the day before, it felt like a whole new way to eat it.
Peas and Crayons


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