WIAW 48 Some new favourites....

I feel like I am in a breakfast rut. Every single day during the week I have the usual banana and peanut butter on toast or bagels. The reason I seem to have this all the time is that it is something which really feels me up and keeps me going for a long time, which is great when I skip the tubes and walk to work. But I do want to try finding some alternatives which are just as tasty but also filling. I have been experimenting with porridge in hopes that it would keep me warm, and found something which tastes really delicious. It was made overnight with coconut flavoured yogurt, mashed banana and cinnamon which I then warmed up in the morning and topped with more banana and raisins. It didn't keep me full for as long as I was hoping but it was closer than many other alternatives.
Lunch was quite light with carrot batons, tomatoes and and cheese, spinach, courgette and bbq sauce wrap. I like warming sandwiches and wraps in the microwave for a couple of seconds to get rid of the chill but I accidentally left it in too long and it came out a bit soggy :(
I had an afternoon snack of pineapple and mango pieces (found reduced at tesco for 40p)
For dinner I tried a new recipe with my julienne peeler (my new favourite gadget) and had courgetti with bacon and broccoli pesto. Find the recipe here.
For my nighttime snack I had a couple of baileys truffles. They were a sample in the goodie bag from the Ideal Home Show at Christmas at the weekend. I had tried the chocolate bar before which I loved, but would easily pass on these.

Thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting.

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