2014 Favourites, Recipes, Restaurants and Products

2014 was a year which led me to lots of new discoveries. My new year's resolution of trying new recipes opened my eyes to ingredients and flavours which really broadened my tastes. Here are some of my favourite recipes and foods I tried from this year.

A great recipe from a popular person...Mary Berry's Vanilla and Blueberry muffins.
Another personal favourite of mine was a simple chicken recipe with Goats Cheese and Tomatoes
An earlier recipe which I want to try again soon was a Jamie Oliver speedy recipe Smoked Haddock and corn chowder
A great snack recipe, and one which could suit a New Year's party, is fennel and poppyseed crackers
Throughout he year, I also enjoyed eating out at new restaurants. Living in London, there are so many to choose from and the majority are found in more central locations, but a new ethiopian cafe opened up near me in Woolwich, The Blue Nile. It served interesting different stews on their famous injera, a sour pancake with a hands on eating method.
A trip to Brick Lane will always mean a visit to Brick Lane Beigel Bakery for me now after experiencing the delights of the little place. Bustling and great value for money the fresh bagels can also be bought in bulk to take home.
This year, I have tried some new Tesco products as part of their Orchard tasting range. One of my favourite was their fresh fish range, where I tried some Sweet Chilli Salmon. Very simple and quick to cook, this is a great after work dinner idea.
2014 was a great year of food for me, and I am looking forward to trying new products and restaurants in the new year as well. I have a few places on a list I want to try and a trip to Dans Le Noir, a dining in the dark experience, so look out for the review later in January.
If you have any suggestions of places to try, please let me know!


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