Kua 'Aina Burger Restaurant Review

Kua 'Aina is a place I was recommended to try for burgers as they have plenty of options for people like me who prefer something other than beef. The Hawaiian themed restaurants specialise in tasty burgers and can be found in Carnaby Street or Goodge Street. When we went to the restaurant, we ordered main courses and then were invited downstairs where they were hosting a taster session where were tried some of the other sandwiches and snacks.
Nibbles can be found in the form of colourful salsa and chips all washed down with a great selection of cocktails. I tried a Mango daiquiri which was sweet and delicious as well as a passion fruit Bellini. 
For the main courses I chose a vegetarian option of grilled pepper and halloumi served in a bun. The sweetness of the pepper was really nice with the saltiness of the cheese and was served in lovely soft bread.
My friends tried the classic beef burger, one served with avocado and another with bacon and both got great reviews.
I was pleased to see sweet potato chips on the menu as I always prefer these to regular fries and didn't disappoint.

The menu boasts creating their own homemade BBQ sauce, and this was where I was dissappointed. They had ran out of the sauce, and for me it is essential to have the smokiness on a burger. Luckily there was a Tesco down the road so we popped in a picked up a BBQ sauce.
We also had the opportunity to try some other fillings and I particularly enjoyed the flavour of the mahi mahi as well as the teriaki chicken. I found it when some sandwiches came out served on toasted bread, but these options always came with buns as well so I would always opt for that.
If you are looking for a great burger or something a bit different then this is a great place to come. There is a welcoming relaxed atmosphere with friendly staff which makes for a great setting for a group get-together. See here for more details


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