Recipe 52 Christmas Mulled Wine

Recipe 52. After starting my New Year's resolution of trying a new recipe and reviewing in every week, I was doubting whether I would be able to complete it. I admit, it has sometimes been quite difficult if I have been eating meals out, or even over Christmas when I have been invited to plenty of parties or staying at other people's houses. However, at week 52, the last recipe has been completed, and of course it is Christmas related.
At Borough Market, my favourite stall, The Spice Hut, had a mix of spices to make mulled wine with a quick easy recipe on.

After simmering for 20 minutes, the festive spiced smell filled the house and everyone was ready to try some of the belly warming wine. The flavour was delicious and so easy to make that is something that could be kept going throughout the evening! A whole bottle of wine only needs a teaspoon of the mixture, so can get many uses out of it.


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