WIAW 49 Let the Countdown Begin!

I cannot believe it is December and it has suddenly dawned on me that I have few days free to do my Christmas shopping. Thank goodness for online delivery!
To start my meals on Monday, I had banana and pineapple (reduced to 10p) with bran flakes and maple pecan mix topped with the last of my coconut yogurt. Lots of different flavours going on here but was really tasty though perhaps a little sweet for breakfast.

For lunch, I had some leftovers from the previous night. We had some reduced chipolata sausages in a tomatoey gnocchi bake. I had picked out most of the gnocchi for dinner so there wasn't much left in here but was good to get in my veggies at lunch.
We had a client in at work which meant there were an abundance of treats including crisps, mince pies and choccie biscuits. I went for a foxes Viennese chocolate biscuit with my tea.

I had a refreshing clementine snack for later in the afternoon. I find throughout the summer I buy packs of oranges or satsumas which are tasteless, so love when the Christmas period comes around and you get guaranteed juicy flavoursome fruit.
Dinner was an omelet with leftover veg in the fridge as well as a piece of smoked haddock that had been in the freezer for a while. I fried off some red onion, celery and yellow pepper before adding the eggs and served with broccoli and spinach.
And as it was the first of December, it could only mean one thing....Advent chocolate. This year I recieved two...both fancier than normal, from Hotel Chocolat and M&S.


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