WIAW 52 It's Christmas!!!!

It's basically Christmas. Yay! The travel to work has been blissfully quiet as everyone strategically takes off these last few days to prepare for the festivities. When it gets so close to Christmas, no matter how much I want to eat brie and bacon everyday, I try to avoid it to make sure it is special on the day itself.
I started my Monday with the usual peanut butter and banana on toast
I went for a light lunch (and a way to use up some things in my cupboard that were going to go soft/mouldy if I left them). I have some rice cakes with tomatoes and cheese with a dash of Morello Cherry and Port Confit. Yummy
Of course, as I was at work, It would be rude to refuse a mince pie they bought in!
I forgot to take a photo of my dinner, but again, I was using up all the leftovers and it looked pretty much like this. I have a three egg omelette with smoked mackerel, onions broccoli and served with grilled tomatoes.

And of course, my evening ended on my advent chocolates! Merry Christmas Everyone
Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting.


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