WIAW 53 Goodbye 2014

So it's the end of 2014, and what has been a great year. This is the last WIAW of the year, and it's a little more interesting than some. As I have been off work this week, I have had more time to be in the kitchen experimenting and trying out my new kitchen gadgets.
My breakfast was some reduced peaches and cream yogurt with mango, museli and some delicious passion fruit.
In the Janurary sales, I stumbled across a gadget which enables you to dry out fruit and veg in the microwave. It comes with a mandolin, allowing you to cut small slithers to dry out. I made these apple crisps which took just 5 minutes and came out sweet and delicious.
From Christmas, I had lots of oranges and satsumas leftover and made a juice from them. I also added an apple which was starting to softened, which thickened the mixture up and gave me my Vitamin C boost!
This wasn't my actual lunch, but I made something quite similar, a brie, gammon and cranberry toastie...using all christmas leftovers of course!
I snacked on some Christmas nuts to keep me going until tea time.
For Christmas, I received a pasta maker which I was excited to try out. I started off making a simple tagliatelle which roasted vegetables and it came out really well. I wasn't entirely sure what number to roll it out to, and I think I could have gone one thinner, but my boyfriend liked it as it was. As a sauce, I used a Tesco Sun-dried tomato, basil and parmesan butter melt (tried with vouchers as part of the Tesco Orchard group) and I was really impressed.
I can't believe Christmas has come and gone and we are saying hello to a new and hopefully exciting new year. Hope everyone has a great one!
Thanks to Jenn for hosting.


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