Camino, Kings Cross, London Restaurant Review

My friend chose to take us to Camino for her birthday celebrations, a place I had never been to before but was excited to try. They say 'At Camino, authenticity is more than just a word – it’s our passion. So much so, we take two staff trips to Spain every year, exploring, eating out, staying up far too late and generally having a brilliant time.'
With a group of 9 of us, the sharing plates started to get a little out of hand, but allowed us to try more things.We started with some bread plates, normal and the tomato variety, which was topped with freshly chopped tomatoes. The cheese board was amazing with a mixture of tasty cheeses, nuts, bread, breadsticks, fig and almond cake and chutney. I would have been happy with just this due to my love of cheese, but there was more greatness to come.
All the food came out at different times, which did get a little confusing but as we were a relaxed group, we didn't mind how long things took to come occasionally. I shared the Black rice, cuttlefish, squid ink, alioli with a friend as it was something I hadn't tried before. The cuttlefish wasn't as obvious on the plate as I had imagined but the flavour was great.
I also tried the empanadillas which were Pastries stuffed with spinach, pine nuts and goat cheese. These were ok, but not really my cup of tea.
And for me, the best came last. HUEVOS CON CALABAZA was an amazing mix of Sautéed butternut squash, ratte potatoes,broken egg, truffle butter. The egg came on top of the potatoes, and we were asked if we wanted it mixed. Unfortunately, I enjoyed this so much, I dug in before I took a photo.
I expected the cost of the meal to be more than it was, as I felt I had a nice range of dishes whilst feeling really full (so much so, I couldn't manage a dessert). It is somewhere I would love to revisit and try some of the other things on the menu as the food was really great and the atmosphere was buzzing. With just a short distance from Kings Cross Station, it is an easy location to get to, making it perfect for larger group togethers as well as the romantic dinner date.


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