Tesco Finest Toulouse Sausages Review

As part of the Tesco Orchard Programme, I was given vouchers which let me try some of their finest meat range for free. There was a great range of meat products to choose from, and I thought I would enjoy some different sausages. I picked sweet chilli and the toulouse, both of which smelt amazing as I bagged them up ready for freezing.
 The sausages cooked as easily as any other, though I thought they did wrinkle slightly more than normal. Aside from that the taste was amazing, with rich winey flavours, it certainly lived up to the robust flavour as described. I served mine with sweet potato mash, vegetables and onion mustard gravy. The sweetness of the mash worked well with the richness and herbs in the sausages.
The one thing that would put me off buying these sausages again is that they are only in packs of 6. They are large in size and the serving suggestion is 2 per person, and in a household of two, it leaves an awkward amount. This could also pose a problem in families as well, and perhaps would be more suitable in packs of 8. Other than that, I wouldn't hesitate to re-purchase.


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