WIAW 2015 #01

It's the new year, and unlike some people, I am not one to start dieting or eating 'healthier'...afterall my cupboards are full of leftover snacks and chocolate.
So my day is like any other and starts with my usual peanut butter and banana on a bagel. I went to whole foods and managed to find a 1kg tub on offer for £3.99 so should keep me going for a little while.
Mid-morning and the snacks came out at work. I had one of these in the morning and one in the afternoon.
For lunch, I had a Covent Garden Carrot and Butternut soup which I found reduced in the new year and had popped in the freezer. I had it with some reduced bread, a delicious malted from Morrisons.
I also had an afternoon snack of a reduced (surprise surprise) pear. I had learned from the previous day that it was so juicy that I had to cut it up to stop myself having to wash my face!
Dinner was using up things that we had in the fridge. I baked a sweet potato and stuffed with tuna, mayo and red onion, and served it with broccoli, peas and homemade coleslaw. The coleslaw was grated apple, red onion, cabbage and carrot with a mix of mayo, salad cream (as I ran out of mayo) and a dash of apple cider vinegar.

My evening snack was two chocolate truffles from Marks and Spencer. They are so tasty that I have to take two out and hide the rest otherwise I would eat them all.
Do you eat healthier in January or are you still eating your Christmas food?
Thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting


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