WIAW 2015 #02 New Nakd Bananas

By the end of last week, I was stuggling with energy. I'm not sure whether this was just getting back into the routine of work, or the aftermath of Christmas. And after another indulgent weekend with amazing roast dinners and cheese and port nights, I was ready for a bit of healthier food on Monday.
I started with my usual routine which works so well for me...peanut butter and banana on toast. I was really pleased with finding the 1kg of Meridian peanut butter on offer from Whole Foods and made breakfast even tastier!
For lunch, I packed in some veggies with carrot and celery batons dipped in some homous. This was the first time trying Aldi homous, and at only 60p (ish) I was really impressed with the flavour and will re-purchase in the future.
I had a post dinner snack of some red grapes.
My afternoon snack was something I had bought with a voucher and decided to try a flavour I hadn't tried before. The banana crunch smells quite potently of banana when you open in (and not necessarily in a good way) but the flavour is great. I really enjoy a bar with texture, and with the added crunch of this one, nakd perfected my afternoon cravings.
Dinner was a homemade speciailty using up plenty of Christmas leftovers. I defrosted some cooked ham, turkey and stuffing and added it to an onion, celery and carrot mix, covered with puff pastry and cooked through. Served with plenty of veg, it made a nice hearty meal.

I enjoyed my food this week, and it is always nice to try something new as well as making something out of nothing.


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