WIAW 2015 #03 Weekend leftovers

I had a great weekend of experimenting with food, including baking with brownies (post coming soon) and making ravioli...which I have still yet to master. This meant my Monday was heavy on the food front. I started with my normal peanut butter on toast, but as I was still full from the previous night, I stuck with one piece of bread.
This meant by mid morning I needed a snack and I picked some cheerios. I don't like these with milk, like they are designed to be eaten, but just something at my desk to pick at.
My lunch was leftovers from the previous evening asian feast. I had make slow cooker teryiaki chicken (amazing) with a stir fry of bean sprouts, carrots broccoli and onions.
I had an afternoon snack of blueberry and seed mix. This is ok, but I maybe wouldn't have it again as there were more raisins than blueberries like I was expecting.
I also couldn't resist and afternoon treat of one of my beetroot brownies that I had baked at the weekend. Yum!

In the evening, I was out with my friends at a bookclub. Instead of the host having to host a dinner party as well, we all bring our own snacks to pick at through the night. I bought some beetroot, mint and cannellini bean humous, as well as sour cream and chive dip. I also took some carrots and cucumber to load the dip on. The other array of goodies included tapas trays, garlic bread and crisps.

Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting


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