WIAW 2015 #04 Feeling the Pom

I had an amazing weekend with a group of friends in Sheffield, visiting the peak district, enjoying cocktail, dancing and of course, eating. Annoyingly the journey both there and back were badly disrupted so by the time I went to work on Monday, I was already knackered, so I apologise for the lazy food.
I had my normal breakfast of peanut butter and banana on toast to get me back into the normal routine.
On the way to work, they were giving out free Pom juice, which I had never tried before. The taste reminds me of deep grape juice which I enjoyed!
As I didn't have time nor the energy to make my lunch, I cheated and had one of my favourite go-to soups, the heinz minestrone.
I had an afternoon snack of a liberte yogurt. They were a little out of date but tasted fine and they are one of my favourite yogurts as they are super thick and lemony.
I also snacked on a pear before going home.
Dinner was a quick and easy meal but equally quite exciting for me as it was the first time I had cooked and even tried Bulgur wheat. I had it with some sea bass fillets topped with the Tesco coriander, chilli and garlic butters and veggies. Although it was a easy meal, it was super tasty.

I snacked on some nuts leftover from Christmas. I love the type that you have to crack yourself, but it makes an absolute mess and I am always finding pieces everywhere!
Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting.


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