Barburrito Masterclass

I was recently invited to a Burrito Masterclass from Barburrito in Holborn, a small Mexican chain restaurant sharing their love of food and vibrant flavours. It is a place I had never visited before, and with a wealth of Mexican places popping up, it was interesting to try somewhere different. I have also recently been getting into trying more wraps and admire those who can wrap them without a single ingredient falling out, so was pretty exicted to be in on the trade secrets.

 Before we got to the main event, we were given samples of all the different fillings so we were able to make an informed decision to our final choice. I decided not to blow my head off with the spicier salsa after the medium had quite a kick, but all the flavours were delicious. Everything in the store is made daily, resulting in great fresh flavours.

Then came the main event, where we could add our own toppings and attempt to wrap our burritos. We were given a demonstration by one of the experienced staff who showed how to place the fillings on the wrap and how much is a good amount. The wrapping process was made to look like a doddle, but was more of a challenge when it was your time in the spotlight.

I was a little worried about overfilling and failing at the wrapping process so was perhaps a little light handed on the topping but that didn't stop it packing a great flavour.
The burritos can be served with extra salsa on the side, which they have also started selling separately if you want to get your hands on them.

A restaurant with a menu that allows a wealth of different filling combinations with tasty fresh ingredients is always a winner in my book. It's fast food at it's best and a perfect lunch spot that is hoping to expand even more. If only they let you wrap your own every time...


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