Caterina55 Italian Cafe Review

Situated close to Moorgate station, Caterina55 is a unique Italian eatery that is bound to attract a large customer base. Catering for the city breakfast rush to the casual evening drink, the food will keep you satisfied without breaking the bank.
Unlike many takeaway food places, Caterina55 uses fresh ingredients in all their dishes, one of their many selling points in my opinion. With a feeling of a canteen mixed with a cafe, this place is perfect for either wholesome takeaway food or a sit down and relax meal.
I was invited to try out some of the dishes on their daily menu, and I certainly found the favourites that I would go back for.
 A nice feature for those health conscious is the menu display which includes the calories.
They have a lovely selection of drinks, ranging from soft drinks to the more alcoholic variety. A feature which they hope to work on next year include creating a bar area which would encourage the casual evening passer by.
The food started with Chicken balls, all made and cooked fresh. Served which their own homemade sauce make a nice snack or side.
The selection of winter soups were comforting and warm and served with some delicious crispy bread. My favourite from the selection was the Bortolli Beans Soup, flavoured with smokey bacon rind.
 Next up were the lasagnes, a classic and a pesto variety. The classic had a standard flavour and didn't really stand out from other varieties I have tried, but the pesto one was on a whole different level. Amazingly, the pesto is made without the addition of parmesan, and therefore is more suitable for those with allergies.
We then tried a variety of burgers, both of the meat and vegetarian variety, and I was surprised to find that my favourite was the flavoursome chickpea burger served with homemade yogurt and curry sauce. As well as the original beef burger, the Diavola enticed my tastebuds with grilled aubergine, tomato, four cream cheese alongside their Diavola sauce. Slightly spicy but with a great depth of flavour.
 A dish that I kept coming back for more was their Calamari. I will admit that when I first saw this on their menu, I was dubious as to the quality of the cooking, aware of how easily it is to spoil, but they did not disappoint. The only downside to me was the price. Nearly double the cost of other things on the menu, they may not be something people would be willing to fork out more for.
Freshly made pasta dishes are also a speciality on their menu, a perfect option for those looking for a comforting lunch or dinner. I thought the flavours of the different options were classic but the stand out dish was the salmon. A creamy option that was something special over the tomato varieties.
And of course, you couldn't leave without a taste of sweetness. We tried the a creamy dish with custard filled profiterole and chocolate sauce. A perfect way to end a great evening of food.
So if you are looking for somewhere to pick up some classic Italian food, with fresh ingredients that won't break the bank, this is definitely a great place to stop.
Visit them at
The Heron
5 Moor Lane


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