Weekend Link Love #01

Weekends are a great time for me to chill out in the morning and read through all the posts from people I follow through Bloglovin'. The amount of blogs I read was getting out of control, but Bloglovin' has become my saviour and really helps me to speed through posts. I see so many things that I enjoy reading and thought it was about time I did a link love post.

I think anyone with a love of Terrys Orange Chocolate would also be drooling over this Dark Orange Chocolate from Willie's. A tad more expensive, but being dark may mean you actually easy less of it in one sitting....

Everyone is busy in their own way and sometimes dinner is the last thing you want to cook when you get home from a long day at work. But these recipes look great for and easy dinner on those busy days.

Carrot Cake in granola form for breakfast? Yes please.

Cornbread isn't something that is popular in England, but the recipe looks super easy and would make a great afternoon snack.

I love seeing food comparisons, so I found these lunches from around the world really interesting...and also making me want to try different foods!

And if you haven't discovered Buzzfeed yet, it is probably best you don't otherwise you will be sucked into post after post and before you know it, the day has gone. I am totally addicted to the food section, where they find recipes and ideas from lots of different amazing blogs and put them into one convenient list for you. This one-pot chicken dinner ideas is one that had sparked loads of ideas for me.

What things have you been enjoying reading this week?


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