WIAW #07 Tropicana and Tofu

Monday mornings can sometimes be a bit of a slog, and today was one of those days. 
My peanut butter and banana on toast helped start the morning, but it was made even better when they were handing out some free fruit juice to try at my nearest tube stop. 
It was a small bottle of Tropicana essentials which contains lots of healthy vitamins to help you throughout the day. The flavour was Mango and Peach, which I thought was unusual for a sample, as they normally have some form of orange, but I didn't mind. It was sweet but quite thick, almost the texture of a smoothie which I think would make me choose it over normal orange juice.

Lunch was some tasty leftovers from Sundays Tofu stir fry. It was the first time I had tried cooking tofu myself and eating it fried, and whilst I enjoyed it, I prefer it when it is baked in the oven as it gives the chewier texture. I marinated the tofu in a teriyaki sauce and added a bit of soy and sesame to the veg.
I had an afternoon snack of Mango.
And Monday evening was time for another book club, which meant a mix of party type foods. We had red pepper humous, sour cream & chive drip with crudites along with sun dried tomato, mozzarella, stilton and some scrummy marks and sparks crisps. Hot food came later which a chinese selection, some empanadas as well as garlic ciabatta bread. These evenings are full of food the whole evening that it is the only time I never feel like desert!
What do you eat at group gathering?


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