WIAW 2015 #05 Free lunch!

Today was a day of unusual eats. I changed up my breakfast, ate a lunch which I didn't make and tried IKEA meatballs for the first time. So onto breakfast, where I had bran flakes, leftover passionfruit and apricot yogurt, homemade granola, topped with banana, blueberries and a dried soft fig. I found a pack of these figs is morrisons reduced to 15p and was the first time I had tried them..now I am loving them as a snack.
Although a nice, and something a little different, it didn't keep me full so I had to snack on some more blueberries and yogurt.
For the three years I have been working, I have only bought my lunch once...and that was on my birthday. I hate wasting money on lunch when I can easily rustle up something with leftovers at home but when I got a voucher to try a free wrap it up, I couldn't give it a miss. I went for a chicken fajita wrap without the spicy sauce and it was great!
At the weekend, we had visited IKEA and instead of having the meatballs in the canteen, we bought a bag of frozen ones for ourselves. So I gave them a try with a tomato sauce and spaghetti and they were good. They were smaller than I imagined so cooked a few less than I wish I had but filled up my plate with vegetables instead. Yum
How many times do you buy lunch at work? And have you tried the take home IKEA meatballs?


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