WIAW Not just for kids

Valentines weekend has been and gone and so has the indulging. Well...kind of. We decided not to subject ourselves to the vomit inducing couples gazing into each others eyes over dinner and create something ourselves. I didn't want to have to be in the kitchen all the time and went for something nice and easy. We started with anti-pasti, then had mussels in a white wine sauce served with asparagus and some crusty bread. Finished with a melting middle gu. Yum. There were few leftovers...but you will seem them appear for lunch.
So on Monday, my breakfast started with a bagel, peanut butter and banana. Standard.
A colleague had made some flapjack with desiccated coconut and raisins which was perfect with a cup of tea.

Lunch was a salad with some amazing olive and sun-dried tomato leftovers.
I had an afternoon snack of a pineapple which I got from Morrisons for 9p. I dislike it when they advertise things as 'Just for Kids' when they are perfect for a lunchbox snack for adults as well.
Dinner was a lovely combination of reduced Indian flavoured chicken pieces, a homemade sag aloo, rice, broccoli and naan. Treat! Unsurprisingly I couldn't eat all of this, so enjoyed the remains for lunch the next day which tasted even better!
Thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting.


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