SAID Chocolate Shop Soho

Said is a gem of a chocolate shop located on Berwick Street, just away from the hustle and busy of the Oxford Street Shoppers. Whether you fancy just a desert or want something to take home, they have a variety of products to entice you. Serving vats of hot chocolate made from the real deal rather than cocoa powder would leave anyone weak at the knees.

But it was their hazlenut spread that kept me wanting more. Not your everyday Nutella, SAID produce rich creamy velvety spread that is thick and smooth in texture. No need to a piece of toast to go with it, you will be dipping a spoon in.
Part of a bigger company that originates in Rome where they house a restaurant as well, this is a smaller shop with cosy tables and chairs in more of a café format.
The chocolate isn't on the cheap side with chocolate buttons nearly reaching the £30 mark, but for a special treat, it is definitely worth visiting. The friendly staff are more than happy to talk about their product, obviously demonstrating a passion and knowledge behind the product they are selling.


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