WIAW #08 Food when I am busy

This WIAW comes from a busy week where I didn't really have time to make great food as I have been eating out quite a lot. My breakfast was the same as usual...peanut butter and banana on toast.
I had a kiwi in the morning to keep me going. They were cheap from Aldi, but really sweet and juicy.

Lunch was something I shoved in the oven a couple of days before in preparation for my busy week. I roasted lots of peppers and sweet potatoes with some salt and pepper. A couple of days later and I felt like the flavours had really developed as was super tasty.
I also snacked on two Snack A Jacks in my favourite flavour...BBQ. They only have 40 calories per cake but are quite large but are super addictive.
I also had an afternoon pear.
My evening dinner was leftover Indian food from my sister's birthday. This was a mix of lots of leftover dishes including Biriyani, Balti, Vegetable Curry  and sag aloo. I always think this kind of food also tastes even better when it has been sitting a while.
Maybe not the best day of food, but I still had fruit and veg which always makes me happy!


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