WIAW #09 Changing Breakfast Habits

I love going home. As well as being treated to great food whilst I am there, I always manage to come home with some tasty treats. It means that my Monday mornings are nice and different to the norm (and often healthy too)
For breakfast I have actually started having something new. Do not fret...peanut butter is still a feature. I have been loving porridge cooked with mashed banana in, topped with fruit, peanut butter and hemp seed for crunch. It keeps me warm and full for a good amount of time as well.
My lunch was more tasty food from home including leftover gammon, butternut squash mash, spinach and I boiled an egg to go with it.
I saw this Alpro plain yogurt with coconut on an introductory offer in Waitrose for £1 and couldn't resist. Luckily, it didn't disappoint. It was creamy and the flavour of coconut went really well with the other fruit I added to it. 
I also had an afternoon snack of a juicy market pear.
I went out with a girlfriend for a catchup and a couple of drinks, so got home quite late. Normally I would go for something on toast but I still had some cooked butternut squash leftover in the fridge so decided to blend it with some stock and mascarpone for a quick soup. I added some spinach for a bit of extra veggies as well. Doesn't look great, but was just what I needed when I got back late.
Thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting.


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