WIAW #10 Dining out and beautiful London

I have been so busy the last couple of weeks with meeting friends and seeing family which is why there have been fewer posts than normal. But it had become a habit to record what I eat on a Monday, so this post will always be around!
I made some of my own orange juice with some very sweet oranges from the market. I don't have a juicer so just removed the skin and popped in my omniblend blender. It did the job just fine!
I have been experimenting with breakfast in the morning still and enjoying porridge even though it takes more time to make and I have to slightly rush it. Today I had banana mashed with soya milk and oats, topped with plums, peanut butter, jam and hemp seeds.
There was a treat for us at work where someone bought in some leftover fruit cake. I wasn't hungry but who wouldn't resist a sweet treat late morning?
For lunch, I took a soup which I had in the freezer that needed using up. It was a Covent Garden Tennessee pulled pork and bean soup which I ate with a piece of buttered seeded bread. It's a bit messy but and was a tad spicy but good in the wet weather.

I went out for a meal with a friend, and I don't normally opt for a salad, but the special Salmon salad took my fancy. I was a little disappointed as my friend had the most amazing smelling carbonara that made me jealous. The salad was a little acidic for me, but the desert was fab. Despite having none of the desserts we originally chose, the melting chocolate cake was amazing and satisfied me. Stupidly, I was so eager to eat it, I forgot to take a photo.

The restaurant was at St Pauls so we couldn't resist climbing to the top of the shopping mall and taking in the amazing views over London. This has to be one of my favourite night spots in London!


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