WIAW #11 Keeping it Tasty

Recently, there seems to be slightly better weather which means I am started to get excited for spring. I have been wearing jumpers and thermal socks for so long now, that I was wondering whether I would be getting out of them anytime soon. I had a great weekend where I took my mum to the Ideal Home Show, visited the Kensington branch on Whole Foods and dined on some great salad bar treats.
So going back to work in the morning, I wanted to try and keep my meals as exciting and interesting as the previous days. My breakfast was something a little different again. I had porridge with banana, peanut butter, blueberries and linseed. The seeds gave it a nice crunch and stopped it from being too stodgy and similar in texture.
Lunch were leftovers so was fennel, spinach, sweet potato, salmon with a seeded thin. It was light and fresh, though I wish fish wasn't so smelly as I always make peoples nose turn up at work.
My afternoon snack were more blueberries (I got a massive punnet for £1 at the market and needed to use them up) with kiwi and natural yogurt.
I also snacked on some Velvet Crunch crisps which I got free which a voucher I found. They are only 86 calories but the flavours is still really intense. I have started craving something crunchy in the afternoon and I actually think I preferred these to the alternative of biscuits.
Dinner was a delicious concoction that I made up but wish I noted down what I put into it. It was created using lots of leftovers which made it cheaper and with leftovers for the next day. I roasted peppers, garlic, onions and fennel and combined it with pasta, mascarpone and some leftover sweet potato. I thought it was going to be a little strange, but I really enjoyed it and would make it again.
My evening snack wasn't chocolate in a bar form like normal, but some nutella spread on a couple of rice cakes.
A great finish to an interesting day of food. What was on the menu for you?


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