Leftover Lunch Ideas

I pride myself in always taking my lunch to work everyday and saving myself lots of money. Not only is it inventive and a way to use up ingredients in your cupboard, leftovers from the previous night can often be tastier the second day. Here are some of the things I have been enjoying eating recently.

Boiling eggs is one of the easiest things to do, and can be done whilst making your dinner. Just boil a few in a saucepan for a few minutes and you can keep them in the fridge ready for lunches in the upcoming days. I enjoyed mine in a spinach and tomato salad with some leftover gammon.
Cooked meat is always a great staple to have in your lunch as well. I particularly enjoy cooking a piece of gammon which can be used for meals throughout the week, or frozen for the future and put into a simple sandwich or baguette with a bit of salad. Of course, you could this with any meat such as beef or chicken and perfect after a Sunday dinner.
I also love to have cheese in my fridge which can be made into an easy lunch. I have particularly been enjoying 'assemble whilst eating' lunches recently, where I take a variety of things and combine just before taking a bite. If you are worried about soggy sandwiches from tomato or cucumber, then just take them whole and cut them at work.
As well as boiled eggs, I have been trying cooking eggs whilst at work. Making sure I have wrapped the eggs well and placed in tupperware to allow them to remain in one piece whilst on the journey to work. I poach or scramble in the microwave. It is quick and easy, but just make sure to prick the egg first if you try poaching as they may explode everywhere and you will spend the rest of your break cleaning up! When I made a roast for one, I thought it was a bit of a waste to roast only a few things with the amount of time you spend cooking. Then I had a bit of inspiration from a work colleague who took some granulated gravy granules to work to allow him to make fresh gravy with only a bit of boiled water. It was a great way to rejuvenate the roasted vegetables and made for a nice heartier warming lunch.
A new thing for me has also been butternut squash. It makes so much more sense to me to roast the whole vegetable as it is quite awkward to cut and can take a long time to roast. So I often end up with having leftover roasted squash which I then take to work for my lunches. A great combination for me was to have it with spinach, broccoli and goats cheese.
At the market my parents go to, they found some fennel. I haven't cooked fennel very often before and wanted to try some new ways of eating it. I roasted a whole bulb and had the leftovers the next day in what I considered a kind of salsa. I added tomato, spring onion, cucumber and the fennel tops and it gave a lovely depth of flavour and a softer texture.
What lunches have you been making recently?


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