Nurture Fruity Water Review

I was sent some juice drinks to review and although they are designed for kids, I couldn't see a reason why adults couldn't pop one in their bag either. They are enriched with vitamins and minerals which are designed to help boost the immune system. They contain zinc and B vitamins which is handy to fill the gap for what any fussy eaters may be lacking in. What's also good to note is that despite the sweet tasty flavour of the drink, it doesn't have any added sugar and are made with half juice and half water.
I have a young niece who I was seeing at a wedding and thought it was the perfect opportunity to see how they reacted to the drinks. They enjoyed the sweet taste and I was impressed with the clever cap design which boasts the UK's first spill proof pouch. Of course, I needed to try this and was very impressed with being able to turn it upside down and squeeze the pouch without any liquid coming out. 
The only thing I would say about these drink is that they felt large when they are designed for little hands. They are larger than capri-sun pouches which felt a little big for small hands.

Aside from that, with all the added benefits to the drink and the non-spill top, this would be great for a pop in the bag and go-drink, for both adults and children.
They can be found in Tesco nationwide and online. RRP is £1.99 per 4 200ml multi pack.

I was send these products to review, but all opinions are my own.


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