WIAW #12 A Great Day of Leftovers

I have really been enjoying playing with different options for porridge. Now I have found a way ot make oats satisfy my morning hunger whilst still keeping me full throughout the day, it has been interesting adding a few variants.
On Monday, I had overnight oats which had some frozen blueberries and half a banana mixed with the oats, soy milk and natural yogurt. I topped it with the rest of the banana, hazelnut butter and my homemade plum jam. It may have come out a funny colour, but the flavour combination was amazing.

My lunch was leftover roast dinner. I hardly ever fancy a roast, but despite being on my own I decided to roast loads of veggies and make it worth while. On the Sunday, I had it with a leg of chicken, but just popped some ham in my lunchbox. I also had roasted onions, parsnip, orange pepper, carrots and broccoli. I took some cheat granuals with me to work to let me have fresh gravy with it! Yum

I had an afternoon snack of some grapes and a handful of nuts, clusters and dried apricots.
My dinner was an invention of more roast dinner leftovers...butternut squash. I wanted something quite different from my lunch and had some wraps that needed using so made quesadillas. I fried off some red onion, wilted some spinach, mashed the butternut and added it to a wrap with lots of cheese. Crisped up in the frying pan and served with some broccoli, it certainly hit the spot.

I really enjoy using up food that I have precooked, making sure that I am being experimental with my food and trying new ways of eating the same food. Not only this, but it means you are spending less on ingredients and energy to cook the food. Butternut squash is a great example of the lengthy cooking process and I have previously been put off cooking it for that reason, but now I am trying it in new ways, it had become far more manageable.
Do you have any foods you like batch cooking?
Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting


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